Pink White Eye Glow

Attract fish day or night–even in stained or muddy water. For best results, use camera flash or LED to excite the jig, then tip with waxworm, minnow or leech.

Ice Fishing Supply Tungsten Bright UV Jigs for Crappie, Bluegill, Walleye, and Pike

·        Size 6mm

·        #10 hook

·        2.5G weight

·        Rock hard paints and metallic anodized coloring used

·        Feel lighter bites

·        Fast drop - Get down to fish quicker

·        Get better action

·        Perfect for all panfish species from Crappie, Bluegill, Perch, all the way up to Walleye, Pike, and more.

WAS $2.79 NOW $1.79

Compared to a lead jig of equal size, Ice Fishing Supply tungsten jigs are heavier and sinks faster. This has advantages in many crappie scenarios.

Faster Drop – Tungsten’s fast drop allows anglers to rapidly fish a hole. This makes prospecting more efficient, especially in deep water. Consider how it’s easier to cover water in a boat using a lure you can cast a country mile versus one with a limited range. On ice, every hole represents a cast. Fast-sinking tungsten makes quick work of covering the water column, bypassing unproductive sections, and determining if fish are around.

Get back to biters – A high-speed drop lets anglers capitalize on brief, feeding windows. The faster the bait returns to the strike zone, the more crappie one can catch during short-lived bites.

Straight down – In addition to sinking fast, a round tungsten jig drops straight down. This makes it well suited when a precise drop is needed to avoid snags around timber, vegetation, and rock cribs.

Making clouds – A heavy tungsten jig is a great tool for banging bottom to attract fish. Make impact with the floor, snap the jig up, and let it smack the silt again. Do this a few times to stir up the bottom and create silt clouds. The sediment plume attracts crappie.

Density desirables – A tungsten jig emits ticking sounds when hit on hard bottom.

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