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Ice Fishing Supply Tungsten Bright UV Jigs for Crappie, Bluegill, Walleye, and Pike

·        Size 6mm

·        #10 hook

·        2.5G weight

·        Rock hard paints and metallic anodized coloring used

·        Feel lighter bites

·        Fast drop - Get down to fish quicker

·        Get better action

·        Perfect for all panfish species from Crappie, Bluegill, Perch, all the way up to Walleye, Pike, and more.

WAS $2.49 NOW $1.49

Compared to a lead jig of equal size, Ice Fishing Supply tungsten jigs are heavier and sinks faster. This has advantages in many crappie scenarios.

Faster Drop – Tungsten’s fast drop allows anglers to rapidly fish a hole. This makes prospecting more efficient, especially in deep water. Consider how it’s easier to cover water in a boat using a lure you can cast a country mile versus one with a limited range. On ice, every hole represents a cast. Fast-sinking tungsten makes quick work of covering the water column, bypassing unproductive sections, and determining if fish are around.

Get back to biters – A high-speed drop lets anglers capitalize on brief, feeding windows. The faster the bait returns to the strike zone, the more crappie one can catch during short-lived bites.

Straight down – In addition to sinking fast, a round tungsten jig drops straight down. This makes it well suited when a precise drop is needed to avoid snags around timber, vegetation, and rock cribs.

Making clouds – A heavy tungsten jig is a great tool for banging bottom to attract fish. Make impact with the floor, snap the jig up, and let it smack the silt again. Do this a few times to stir up the bottom and create silt clouds. The sediment plume attracts crappie.

Density desirables – A tungsten jig emits ticking sounds when hit on hard bottom.

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